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App List

App Store

Your Digital Marketplace

App Store is a versatile digital marketplace offering a vast array of applications for your nPhone. Explore, discover, and download a diverse range of apps, from productivity to entertainment, all in one centralized hub.


Fast and Simple Calculator

Calculator, the go-to app for swift and straightforward numerical computations. Whether you need basic arithmetic or advanced functions, this app ensures speedy calculations with user-friendly precision.


Conversational Companion

ChatGPT, a powerful language model, is your ideal conversational companion. Engage in natural, dynamic conversations and get insightful responses. From casual chats to complex queries, experience the next level of interactive communication with ChatGPT API.


Effortless Email Management

Mail simplifies your communication experience, allowing you to manage your emails effortlessly. Stay organized with intuitive features, efficient sorting, and seamless access to your messages, ensuring a streamlined email experience.


Instant Messaging

Messages, your all-in-one app for seamless and instant communication. Stay connected with friends and family, share updates, and engage in real-time conversations effortlessly. Including the ability to create and manage groups for collaborative discussions.


Your Sound Sanctuary

Music, your gateway to a world of melodies and rhythms. Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of tunes. With Music app, let the music take you on a journey of sound and emotion. With our enhanced sound system, experience seamless audio at its peak brilliance.


Your Digital Notepad

Notes, your portable digital notepad, makes jotting down ideas and reminders a breeze. Stay organized, sync across devices, and access your thoughts anytime.


Precision Clock App

Clock, your precision timekeeper, ensures accuracy and style. From customizable alarms to world clocks, this app seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics.


Manage Your Contacts

With Contacts, add, remove, or share your contacts to visually organize your contact list. Explore a visually appealing interface where you can make calls, open chats, and discover many more features to enhance your contact management experience.


Garage Management

Garage, your virtual auto haven, simplifies the management of your vehicle-related tasks. From statistics to valet services.


Capture Moments in a Click

Camera, your ultimate tool for capturing life's moments instantly, now with the added feature of seamless recordings. Unleash your creativity with easy-to-use controls for both photos and videos. From spontaneous selfies to professional shots, and now, recording precious memories effortlessly.


Phone Hub

With Phone App, manage your call history, favorite contacts, contact lists, and make calls by dialing the phone number directly. All-in-one for your convenience and total control.


Your Settings Hub

Explore the ultimate customization experience with Settings, your centralized hub for managing every aspect of your device. From seamlessly administering your account and Face ID/PIN settings to changing wallpapers, ringtones, and even muting specific apps, Settings puts the power of personalization at your fingertips.


Your Handy Guide

Tips, your go-to source for valuable insights and tricks. Discover expert advice on optimizing your workflow, enhancing productivity, and unlocking hidden features. Stay ahead with Tips, your pocket-sized guide to mastering your digital experience in nPhone.


Your Digital Wallet

Wallet, your secure and versatile digital companion for managing finances. Easily track expenses, make quick transactions, and enjoy a seamless payment experience. With Wallet, your money is in safe hands, right in the palm of your hand.


Your Forecast Companion

Weather, your comprehensive guide to the elements. Stay informed with real-time updates, accurate forecasts, and interactive maps. Plan your day with confidence using Weather, your reliable companion for all things weather-related. Plus, enjoy the best-in-class design for an intuitive and visually pleasing experience.


Your Social Echo Chamber

Y, your dynamic platform for real-time conversations and updates. Connect with the world, express yourself and stay updated on trending topics. Dive into Y, featuring an intuitive interface for a seamless and engaging social media experience.


Your Gallery, Your Story

Gallery, your personalized visual showcase, unfolds a journey of memories. Explore, organize, and create albums for your photos, videos, and moments effortlessly with this immersive and user-friendly app. Immerse yourself in a seamless visual experience.


Your Portable Radio Station

Imagine not needing a radio for a frequency system to communicate with your peers, all within a beautiful and straightforward interface. Quick, extensive, and quality communication.


Boost Your Online Presence

With our Browser, enter your server's website, for example, "," and promote your website or store to increase exposure to your players.


Large game catalog

With our extensive catalog of games, you can enhance your mobile experience with a variety of options, from chess to tic-tac-toe. With our device, dull moments transform into opportunities to explore new forms of entertainment.

Constant updates

Constant updates

Continuously striving for improvement, we consistently incorporate updates into our repertoire, whether it involves the creation of innovative applications or the refinement of existing ones.

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